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About African Music Embassy


The African Music Embassies is a career and business support and advancement organization dedicated to assisting those in the African Music Industry. It was founded and funded by the parent organization ‘Music Embassies’ in the United States of America with the mission to guide, support, help, protect, and educate the people of our beloved continent; Africa.

Jessy Majesty from Cameroon, Africa is the liaison for the African Music Embassies for all of Africa and for all Africans who need assistance who may reside abroad. AME also assists those who are of African descent and are creating music in the African music genres.


So many Africans are losing their creative rights and other ownership rights of their songs and beats. Many countries are now embracing African music but Africans are not earning like they should for many reasons. In fact, many Africans are also losing their rights by improperly licensing their music or their music simply being taken without their permission.

The biggest reasons that these instances are occurring is due to lack of knowledge of the industry and lack of professional representation. The African Music Embassies has been founded to address these issues. We are hoping to make contact with the leaders of the African countries to join with us to assist with educating the masses for a better and brighter African music industry.


AME assists everyone in the music industry whether those with talent or those who assist them.





Performing Artists



Indie Record Labels

  • Rapper
  • Studio Owner
  • Record Label Owner
  • Video Dancer

  • Manager
  • Publicist/PR
  • Studio Engineer
  • Graphics Artist

  • Mixing Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Road Manager

  • Videographer
  • Video Editor
  • Video Model

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The African Music Embassies is dedicated to educating Africans about their music rights and the music industry as a whole while assisting with proper professional representation and rights protection.

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