Jessy Majesty Making a Difference for Africans Worldwide

Jessy Majesty has grown up in the music industry since her father and many family members possess great talent.  She was drawn to the Music Embassies and was elated when she learned so much about the industry.  Over time she built a relationship with the Global Director of Operations of the Music Embassies who is also of North African lineage.  They both share the same vision which is to improve the lives of Africans no matter where they reside by educating them about their rights in the music industry.  Yet, this dynamic duo has taken things a step further once Jessy was offered the African Music Embassies liaison position.

Since the relaunching of this special program, Jessy Majesty has worked relentlessly to help her people.   The African Music Embassies offers a Free Consultation with Jessy Majesty to ensure that the clients have their MMBB (Minimum Music Business Basics.)  Those who attend this consultation will learn a great deal of important information to ensure that they are on the right track to not only learning the business but also having the basics in their careers set up and learning about their music rights.

The Music Embassies and African Music Embassies are determined to ensure that all individuals and businesses in the music industry understand their rights as well as respect the rights of others.  With angels like Jessy Majesty leading this journey, Africans worldwide will definitely advance.